Bush’s Lap Dogs Lap Up The Last Crumbs

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Amazing what a whiff of oval offal can do to you. Bush has never liked critics to be within a few miles of his august presence, but the lappers (in German there’s an apt double entendre there) lap it up – and swoon.

Strange, Barnes does not try hard to make Bush sound interesting. Kristol’s panting presence evidently doesn’t help (no surprise there). Of course, Fred’s canned praise phrases abide. That’s been his mien since he tried to defend convicted liar Elliott Abrams years ago as a victim of politics, rather than his own flippant, callous hubris.

Good doggie, Fred. Fetch.

Barnes’s bread is buttered, and Fred knows by whom. Lap dogs in Washington are intimately familiar with Pavlov. And so are their masters.

Barnes’s piece on Bush bears an intriguing title, brimming with irony: “The End of the Line“: but for Bush? Or for Fred?

9:13 pm on January 5, 2009