Bush’s Calling, Bush’s Performance

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A friend directs me to an informative article in National Review on how Evangelicals “love the president because he’s one of them.” He points out that the hagiographies of Bush intended for an Evangelical audience lay great stress on Bush’s claim that he was called: “Bush called James Robison (a prominent minister) and told him, ‘I’ve heard the call. I believe God wants me to run for President.'”

I am not privy to the Lord’s mind on this matter. For all I know, Bush was called to be president. But that doesn’t mean that he is beyond judgment in his performance as president. There is no question in the scriptures that Saul was called by the Lord to be the first king of Israel (despite the Lord’s strong warning against leaving Mosaic anarchy). Yet, though called, Saul failed and lost the Lord’s blessing. There is no question that the Lord established the Aaronic priesthood that served His temple. Yet, when the Messiah, the Lord’s own Son, came they did not recognize him (with a few exceptions) and even took part in having him killed. Legitimate Israelite Kings fail, the Lord’s priests fail, Popes fail, Bishops fail, councils fail, we individual Christians surely fail! Evangelical presidents may fail also however strong their calling.

However much of a Christian Bush may personally be, his role right now is that of a secular ruler. The test of a secular ruler is whether he rules with justice. In this, I submit, Bush has miserably failed. When 9/11 came, Bush failed to punish the wrongdoers and instead wreaked destruction on a people that had nothing to do with this atrocity. Would someone following the Lord’s guidance be so thoroughly deceived? He has followed one injustice, 9/11, with worse injustice. Many more Iraqis have been murdered on Bush’s command than Americans that died on 9/11, not to mention the torture and the unjust invasion and occupation of a people minding their own business.

8:14 am on September 4, 2004