Bush the Pragamatist

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Here’s a revealing passage from Bush’s last–thank God!–press conference yesterday:

And I readily concede I chunked aside some of my free market principles when I was told by chief economic advisers that the situation we were facing could be worse than the Great Depression.

So I’ve told some of my friends who’ve said — you know, who have taken an ideological position on this issue, you know, “Why’d you do what you did?”

I said, “Well, if you were sitting there and heard that the depression could be greater than the Great Depression, I hope you would act too,” which I did.

One of my constant themes in blogging is the virus of philosophical pragmatism. To pragmatists, ideas do not reflect an objective reality but are merely tools to manipulate others.

Bush never was a proponent of free markets in the sense that he believed that theory accurately described or reflected reality. Rather, it was some mumbo jumbo that Rove whispered in his ear for the rank and file suckers to hear so he could get elected.

Naturally, when a major crisis came, he didn’t repair to his theory of reality as Grover Cleveland did; he never had one. Rather, he simply switched to a different word formula that seemed useful at the time to manipulate others and maintain power and control.

7:56 am on January 13, 2009