Bush: More War Will Help McCain Win!

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He’s already destroyed the Constitution, so now he tries to help McCain by trumpeting the most unpopular and illegal issue in the campaign — Iraq.

Since down is up for Bush, following the Constitution is “retreat” and the destruction of Iraq and the eradication of its Christian communities is “victory.”

Why does McCain let the vile albatross sit on his head like this, drawing attention to McCain’s desire to perpetuate Bush’s crimes? Ah, it’s a fundraising dinner, featuring Bush’s donors, thousands of whom have become zillionaires because of the war — and McCain has promised to keep that war going for generations, if “necessary.” So it’s Follow The Money, one more time.

Impeachment is too good for this crowd. Craig Roberts is right — whoever wins this fall, Bush and the neocons must be thoroughly repudiated.

1:19 pm on June 19, 2008