Bush Declares Chapter 11

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Or so thinks NR’s Deroy Murdock, a cheerleader who usually chirps for the home-team GOP. He’s not a major NR staffer, so one wonders, are they using him as a decoy, testing the waters in anticipation of an en masse mea culpa?

But someone has apparently supplied Murdock with LRC materials dating back to 2000 or so, indicating how Bush would betray everything he claimed to stand for. Finally,it sank in. Now Murdcock realizes he’s been betrayed. As the lights continue go out on liberty, let’s hope a few more lights go on at National Review, and that more of their writers own up to their wholesale intellectual corruption.

Murdock takes it personally, so he gives personal advice: “Nevertheless, Bush is the GOP’s Jimmy Carter, a weak bumbler who embarrassed his constituents, betrayed his philosophical movement, sank his party, and eventually surrendered the White House to the opposition, this time led by the Senate’s Number One liberal, still in his first term. Bush should retire quietly to Texas, where he can drive his truck, chop wood, and avoid the limelight for the balance of his natural existence.”

Well, he’s being kind. No show trials. Not yet, anyway. Plenty of time for that, after the deluge.

2:35 pm on November 10, 2008