Bush agrees with me “in his heart”

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I’d be well-to-do if I had a nickel for every time some gullible, naive, state-worshipping GOP partisan told me that I had to support Bush for re-election because he is pro-life (yeah, I know, it’s sickening to hear such claims about a man who starts wars that kill many tens of thousands of innocents). In any case, after the election, all talk about abortion came to a quick end. Like all the sloganeering trotted out during elections, prolifeism has become just another ideological prop to bamboozle the bourgeoisie, and it seems to work. Here, however, is an explanation on this blog: Bush is pro-life “in his heart” so we need to support him whether he says he wants to repeal Roe or not, much less does anything to actually advance that cause.

4:36 pm on January 26, 2005