Bus Search Anecdotal Information

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A Greyhound traveler reports the following, extracted from a longer anecdote that says that Greyhound arrived 8 hours late and didn’t have the advertised wifi:

“TSA was in Memphis going through people’s stuff and wanding them. In Atlanta a local cop was doing it. He even made forays into the waiting area doing same. Disgusting to  see. I managed to avoid searches in Memphis because they were doing  such a thorough job on line #2 they did not get to line #1, and in Atlanta just because the cop never got to my side of the waiting room…Since I was carrying about $10K (to buy a car) I had cause for fear,  ironically more over ‘my’ government than my fellow passengers who, while a world apart from me, were respectful and honest…”

“Passengers up from Fla. had some TSA horror stories. One guy was accused of having coke and stripped and searched. No apology when none  found, just loud insistence that he had some they simply could not  find and they were going to ‘keep an eye on him.’ A diabetic lady was  reduced to tears when they found her stuff. Bad, bad, bad. Outside of  US airports, in all my travels worldwide I have never seen such disgusting violations.”

4:05 am on November 21, 2011