Bureaucratic Perfidy

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Writes George Giles:

There is no item so small that a bureaucrat will not brazenly lie about it, whether it be a few million here or a trillion there. Obfuscation and outright prevarication are primary tools. However, the world wide web and the indexing of billions and billions of documents public and private now provide the public the ability to verify the nature and scale of the falsehood, another triumph of Human Action. Even the hard physical sciences are not immune to the politicking forgery.

In the 70’s the oil shortage caused the US government to spend hundreds of billions over the intervening 40 years to try to make nuclear fusion a viable energy source. It has been a complete and utter failure just as the Synfuels Corporation was. In the spirit Robert Palmer 80’s hit song “Simply Irresistible,” ‘She’s so fine there’s no telling where the money went,’ it now turns out that scientists were never trying to make energy from fusion (despite of all the failed fusion reactors built around the world).

12:04 pm on November 15, 2012