Bulldozing Houses and the Enslaving State

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As I read Thomas Sowell’s essay I expected him to mention the bankster-pol collusion to bulldoze hundreds of urban homes rather than allow them to remain on the market, at affordable prices and ensuring the local housing market is also affordable to poorer people. The bailout and criminal mentality of government and its benefactors reigns supreme. Why couldn’t market forces be allowed to force banks holding bad paper to simply liquidate at real market value, and take the hit for their lies and bad gambles and clear their books honestly? Why couldn’t municipalities simply reduce their own cost share and burden on residents, and start fostering communities that people actually want to live in? Instead, we find banks can donate a “false” value to the state and local government, which in turn can “own land” while limiting the availability of housing, pumping up for both banks and the state the “value” and taxability of remaining homes. This is the worst form of bankster and government racism against the sector of society that owns the least amount of property. A free market would have punished the greedy, the parasitical, and the stupid and in these times, could rapidly make homeowners and producers of our most disadvantaged sectors. But instead, we see only bulldozers and government lies. Is there still an American dream or are all just Palestinians, Iraqis, and Afghanis in waiting?

8:28 am on August 2, 2011