Buckley: Bedtime for Bonzo?

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Writes Charles Burris:

Novelist and political satirist Christopher T. Buckley, Skull and Bones, Yale 1975, the son of the late William F. Buckley Jr., Skull and Bones, Yale 1950, novelist and founding editor of the Central Intelligence Agency’s political humor magazine, National Review, has endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Barack H. Obama and has subsequently left the publication his father began. Buckley cited his colleague, Cato Institute comedian P. J. O’Rourke, a founder of the National Lampoon, one-time rival publication to National Review, in explaining his reasons for the break with his family’s tradition of Republican endorsements. One wonders how this O’Rourke reference will sit with GOP comedy czars, the Koch brothers, the kings of beltway slapstick economics.

Buckley was the chief speech writer for former CIA director George H. W. Bush, Skull and Bones, Yale 1948, while Bush was vice president under Ronald W. Reagan, former TV host of Death Valley Days. He is married to Lucy S. Gregg Buckley, former State Department reports officer and daughter of thirty-one year CIA veteran Donald P. Gregg, who served as national security advisor to Bush during the Iran-Contra Scandal.

On exiting the Republican Party and the humor magazine his CIA agent father founded, Buckley paraphrased Reagan’s famous quip: “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The Party left me.” The star of Brother Rat could not have said it better.

9:41 am on October 15, 2008