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I happened to be eating lunch at a restaurant bar today and BS . . . er, I mean, MSNBC was on with its lead noontime story: John McCain was thinking of criticizing Hillary Clinton on her “stance” on Iraq (she was for the war), but he decided not to.

A BIG IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENT like this called for sending a BSNBC camera crew to the office of The Most Distinguished Expert in the World, “Senior Editor at Newsweek” Jonathan Alter. His head appeared on the screen for a very long time, during which he said, well, McCain and Clinton “serve” together in the sentate and McCain doesn’t want to antagonize her.

Now THAT is some IMPORTANT NEWS OF THE DAY. (All during the segement there were scenes of McCain walking down a street smiling like crazy with one or two people (his base) waving to him).

3:47 pm on October 3, 2007