Brooklyn Man Dies After Being Tasered By NYPD

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The great (non-lethal!) instrument of compliance has ended another life:

Community activists are calling on authorities to fully investigate the death of a Brooklyn man who was tasered by police in front of a crowd of onlookers.

The last moments of 35-year-old Inman Morales’s life were spent naked and perched on a ledge in Bedford-Stuvyesant. Dozens of people watched, while some took photographs as the apparently emotionally disturbed man jumped up and down on top of a 10-foot high roll-down gate swinging a florescent light bulb towards police officers who were trying to grab him on a nearby fire escape.

An officer on the ground then raised his taser stun gun and fired a five second jolt of 50,000 volts of electricity immobilizing him. Morales then fell head-first to his death.

Read the rest of the tragedy.

11:38 am on September 25, 2008