Breaking Up Is Easy To Do

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As I’ve noted, increased demands for decentralization and secession will be one result of thie Greenspan-Bernanke Depression. Who wants to be ruled by BushCheneyPelosiReid? Or the equivalent in leviathan state governments like California’s and Oregon’s? Last week, you could watch the power draining out of the federal pygmies as they imposed their ripoff. Now 12 counties in northern California and southern Oregon want to form the new state of Jefferson. Like everyone opposed to centralized tyranny, these people are stigmatized as hicks and rubes and rednecks. Never, needless to say, trust this sort of “we the cosmopolitans” argumentation. It is invariably advanced in favor of centralized government. And watch for much more secessionism, especially as state and local governments, not to speak of the feds, seek to raise taxes on the rubes and hicks and rednecks to continue living in the style to which they’ve become accustomed. (Thanks to Conor Sen.)

11:10 pm on October 5, 2008