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Malaysian Airlines flight 370 is still missing!

Cable news channels do keep us updated on the photos of a large piece of debris found in the Indian Ocean, it being identified as a “possible object.”  Some “thing” is a “possible object?”  Perhaps the newscasters will engage in some “possible reasoning” and inform us that this may be an oceanic entry into a subterranean world, inhabited by extraterrestrial beings sent to Earth to punish us for not following Al Gore’s proscriptions to alleviate global warming climate change!  This report may then be followed by interviews with a couple of astro-physicists who will inform us whether the disappearance of this plane might have been caused – as some nitwits have suggested – by its having flown into a “black hole.”  If that had happened, how did the rest of the planet escape the same fate?  Or, has the entire planet been sent to a cosmic purgatory (aka a parallel universe) to await extermination for violating the Global Warmingists’ “original sin” of being human?

Stay tuned to Wolf Blitzer’s “Situation Room” for the latest “BREAKING NEWS!”

2:18 pm on March 22, 2014