Boycott Amazon? Not Me

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An e-mail asked me this morning, in part, “Will LRC be joining in the Amazon boycott…”

Here’s my reply:

“I won’t be boycotting Amazon. My position is that there are so many evils around us that we have to pick and choose the most critical ones to fight. We cannot fight all of them. We cannot even expend the resources and time needed to determine justice in every cause that comes to our attention.

“My position is that the greatest evil is territorial, non-consensual, monopoly government. I will continue to fight for free markets, for liberty, and against the State. If Amazon has rolled over beneath the power of the State or because its Board is cowardly or because it is regulated or because it is in league with the government, that to me is a secondary matter to the fact that such a tyranny exists in the first place.

“I will call attention to a specific case like Amazon’s or the TSA when I think that it helps educate others to the central evil working against us, or when that specific evil radiates so much evil or undermines such basic rights that it should be fought.

“I suggest you do the same, although if it bolsters you in your general will and determination to work for consensual government to boycott Amazon, I certainly cannot object.”

11:12 am on December 2, 2010