Boy in England Arrested for Anti-War Remarks in Facebook

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See this thoughtful Guardian op-ed on the meaning of this event. The United Kingdom has eliminated free speech by law. The vehicle is The Crime and Disorder Act 1998. What did Azhar Ahmed write? In part, this, copied from here:

“People gassin about the death of Soldiers! What about the innocent familys who have been brutally killed..The women who have been raped..The children who have been sliced up..!Your enemy’s were the Taliban not innocent harmful familys. All soldiers should DIE and go to HELL! THE LOWLIFE FOKKIN SCUM! gotta problem go cry at your soldiers grave & wish him hell because thats where he is going.”

In the new world of perfect democracy and political correctness, will it no longer be legal to hold strong opinions, express them, vent, hurl insults, become angry, express anger, let off steam, and curse? Will Hollywood movies be exempted? Will authority encourage young men to become soldiers and drug up those who do not so that they become wimps?

6:01 am on March 18, 2012