Bourne Again

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I received lots of nice email regarding my review of the Bourne Ultimatum. People thought it was a “good take” on the movie, for others it was an inspiration to see the movie.

However, some readers thought the whole thing was too far fetched while others thought it was all too true and that no one could really stand up to such a power state government agency like the CIA.

To this I respond with a note from a real life Jason Bourne:“I am a former fighter pilot–in a sense, the same kind of person as Jason Bourne. A graduate of the USAF Academy, it was in my “bones” to support US policy objectives world wide through the use of controlled violence. I became convinced at an early age, that the US was the most altruistic and therefore, the most trustworthy nation on earth in terms of protecting freedom, not just for Americans, but for everyone. I bought the “lie” hook, line and sinker. Too late have I come to realize how I allowed myself to believe the claptrap that passes for truth. I now spend a good deal of time trying to convince friends, classmates, family, whomever will listen that the government uses the concept of patriotism to buy, very cheaply I might add, the services of hundreds of thousands of young Americans who think they are doing good things for their country. So I read regularly finding much truth. I support Ron Paul. I could never bring myself to vote for any of the name candidates of either party but there are lots of people who will.
The simple matter is that Jason Bourne phenomenon is real and that even insiders can stand up against it. The fact that we know about CIA interrogation camps in Eastern Europe is due to information leaked by CIA insiders and ex-CIA people have also stood up and corroborated Ron Paul’s views on why we were attacked on 9/11. Sure we all know its a difficult uphill battle, including Ron Paul, but its a battle that must be waged. Again, it is our ultimatum.

10:34 am on August 14, 2007