Border Patrol Goons Beat Baptist Pastor

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Assuming that this account is reliable — and this fellow provides numerous details, including the names of his assailants — the Border Patrol has morphed into an Amerikan version of the KGB’s Border Guards:

For several years, some of us have warned that the purpose of building up the Border Patrol was not to control illegal immigration (which is itself largely a secondary effect of the Fed’s manipulation of the economy and the welfare state), but rather to build a retaining wall around an American garrison state.

Some supposed freedom organizations who fetishize the State’s armed enforcers and Homeland Security apparatus have lionized corrupt Border Patrol bureaucrats and demanded that the Border Patrol be expanded. I would hope this first-person account of an innocent American’s encounter with the heroic Guardians of our Sacred Southern Frontier inspires some second thoughts.

3:01 pm on April 16, 2009