Books, Books, Books!

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Last week, LRC readers purchased books in record numbers, with the coming best-sellers by Tom Woods and Ron Paul the most popular.  The top three are:

Rollback: Repealing Big Government Before the Coming Financial Collapse, by Tom Woods;
Liberty Defined: 50 Urgent Issues That Affect Our Freedom, by Ron Paul;
The Cholesterol Delusion, by Ernest N. Curtis, MD.

Sparked by several of the best-read articles, these products really caught your attention:

Book Diversion Safe;
Can Diversion Safe (these come in many different designs);
Emergency Sleeping/Survival Bag;
Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth;
50mw Astronomy Green Laser Pointer.

Thank you again for shopping for just about everything at Amazon, using the ads and widgets on LRC, and in effect making a donation at no cost to you. Your support is so appreciated.

8:04 am on January 19, 2011