Bombing in Boston: The Southern Paranoia Law Center Hopes It Was…

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Anyone reading this post right now almost certainly does NOT know who was responsible for the despicable bombing today at the Boston Marathon. Yet, given that the USA is a hopelessly-politicized country, I am sure that accusations already are being thrown about like so much else of the ignorance that is spewed on various venues these days.

I AM sure, however, that the people at the Southern Paranoia Law Center (SPLC) are hoping, HOPING! that the perpetrators were “white supremacists” so that the SPLC immediately can send out fund-raising letters to turn this sad event into a cash cow. (And I am sure that Paul Krugman would love to be able to blame the Tea Party or maybe even Ron Paul supporters.)

According to news reports, federal agents are “flooding” the area and, I suppose, probably are doing as much damage as an overflowing Charles River would do. One thing is for sure: these “investigators” will botch the case and then lie about the results. The authorities seem to do that quite well.

3:27 pm on April 15, 2013