Bolton to Mitt: ‘Use The Memory Hole’

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This is a truly remarkable piece. John Bolton is encouraging Mitt Romney not to mention George W. Bush in the campaign, because most Americans apparently agree with Obama regarding the mess that Bush left him.

Now, Mitt doesn’t really need this advice — after all, in the 2008 primary campaign debates, he didn’t mention Bush either. He, and everyone else running, was “another Reagan,” remember? Only Ron Paul mentioned the sitting president (and Sitting Duck), “W” — and he mentioned him a lot, criticizing Bush’s lawless and reckless wars, his spending, and his general disregard for the Constitution. Note first that the European press reports this; and second, that most of Romney’s foreign policy advisers are Bush retreads, and thus failures. The American media haven’t reported that yet — but rest assured they will, repeatedly, come October.

Perhaps the reason why Mr. Bolton wants this entire era off the table lies in the fact that he played a significant role in concocting “the mess” that Bush bequeathed not only to Obama, but to all of us. Bolton’s candor indicates that the neocons fear what might come up if that “mess” comes under scrutiny again. After all, Obama won last time by running against Bush (John McWho???), why not do it again.

Romney is an empty suit careful not to commit to any specific aspect of any issue. Frankly, you can choose any policy point, and he was for it before he was against it. Like Obama (the non-Bush) and Bush 43 (the non-Clinton), Romney is running as the non-Obama — a negative, not a positive. And if he takes both sides on that one, he will turn out to be a Zero, not a Hero.

4:27 pm on May 30, 2012