Bogart, Bacall, and Bromfield

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Last evening I was watching my favorite TV channel, Turner Classic Movies (TCM). Every month TCM focuses upon a particular actor or actress and presents a comprehensive retrospective of their entire body of work.  In December the star was the legendary actor Humphrey Bogart.  A wonderfully charming biographical documentary, Bacall on Bogart, was shown.  It featured Lauren Bacall, the vivacious wife of the late actor, reminiscing upon their lives together and on the marvelous movies in which Bogart appeared such as Casablanca, The Big Sleep, High Sierra, The Petrified Forest, and The African Queen.  When discussing their famous May/December wedding which shocked the world, Bacall observed that it happened at the farm of noted novelist Louis Bromfied.   Bromfield was the author of the brilliant book, A New Pattern For A Tired World, the last manifesto of the anti-statist, pro-capitalist, and anti-interventionist Old Right.  He was Bogart’s Best Man at the wedding, and one of the best friends of the celebrated Bogie & Bacall.  What a delightful surprise!   Also shown last night was the little known Bogart film, Deadline U.S.A., where courageous daily newspaper editor Bogie, in the final days of his paper before it is sold out from under him by venal members of the family which owns the publishing enterprise, fights against the corruption of a murderous gangster and political fixer.  Bogart’s heroic courtroom speech linking freedom of the press with the free market is classic.

4:24 pm on December 31, 2009