Blue Dust and the Gilgamesh Lodge

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LRC readers should be made aware of a phenomenal new and engaging novel, Blue Dust and the Gilgamesh Lodge, by R. R. McGregor. From the beginning I was amazed by the author’s masterful grasp at microscopic detail, in descriptive devices relating to characters, scenes, or technical and historical information of all sorts. This never wavered. McGregor’s characters’ dialog always rang taunt and true, never forced or contrived, as in the best of Raymond Chandler’s hard-boiled detective stories. The fast-paced story and plot line is outstanding, one that especially LRC readers will appreciate (the Feds and Big Pharma are the bad guys). I loved McGregor’s wonderful use of familiar referential character names (Clemenceau, Goebbels, Samuelson, von Mises) that most LRC readers will instantly recognize. The author that I believe most readers will compare this work to will be Robert Ludlum.

5:22 pm on February 18, 2012