Bloodthirsty Neocons are Drooling and Salivating . . .

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. . . today because the CIA claims that the Syrian government is doing a Saddam Hussein, i.e., “using chemical weapons on their own people.”  King Obama announced that that would be the line in the sand — if they used chemical weapons on their own people — and so the neocon talking heads are all screaming their heads off in indignation over the fact that the U.S. government has not yet gone to war with Syria.   (So far, not one of them has volunteered for the U.S. military, however).

Sickening line of the night:  The Bimbo of the Day on Faux News announced that “He [Obama] is hearing that voice to intervene for humanitarian reasons.”

The creepy and odious Charles Krauthammer called it Obama’s “Hamlet moment.”  If he doesn’t go to war, said Faux News’ Dr. Strangelove, then it will be just like Shakespeare’s Hamlet “and you know what happens with Hamlet, everyone dies.”

The Party Line on Faux News is that “our allies” in the Middle East are demanding war, but “we” are just sitting here doing nothing.  Allies?  Plural?  Who are these allies?

Great.  Now Syrians will have a reason to commit terrorist acts against Americans.

5:07 pm on June 13, 2013