Blessed Is the Nation Whose God Is the Lord

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That is what it says in Psalm 33:12. A great verse. But is the God of this nation the Lord? Of course not. Is the God of any nation the Lord? Of course not. This is why I have mocked the idea of Christians saying the Pledge or petitioning to have the 10 Commandments posted. I mention this verse of Scripture because it appears at the bottom of a “Tribute to Our Veterans & Military” announcement from a local Christian school advertising its Veterans Day program, a program where students can “gain appreciation for these great American patriots.” The students are asked to invite a veteran or someone currently “serving.” And of course, students can wear red, white, and blue on Veterans Day instead of their regular school uniform. “GOD BLESS AMERICA! GOD BLESS OUR VETERANS! GOD BLESS OUR MILITARY!” it then says, followed by the quoting of “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”

Christian schools are becoming more and more like public schools in their worship of the military on Veterans Day.

7:56 am on November 2, 2013