Bless you, Becky Akers

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Bless you, Becky Akers, for your blog post Mail Manning (

Thanks to you, I shall be writing him. And, I thought I would share the contents of my letter with this blog. Before I do, let me ask you a question: might you be willing to spear-head the effort to get us all the mailing addresses for Edward Snowden and Julian Assange as well? Letters to them, I think would be just as, or at least almost as, apropos.

Dear Bradley:

If and when the Nobel Peace Prize is offered to you, please do NOT accept it. Or, rather, accept it but only on one condition: that this Nobel Peace Prize committee rescind their award to that war-monger, President Barack Obama. You are in my thoughts every day. You are a hero of mine. Please try to be in as good a space as you can be. There are millions of us pulling for you.

Yours truly,

Walter E. Block

12:07 am on August 11, 2013