Bless Our Troops?

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I just drove by my local veterinary clinic on the way to a great American restaurant (Subway) and read on the sign out front: Bless Our Troops. I immediately thought of something I read on LRC a few days ago about what our troops did in Fallujah: “Finding stiffer resistance than expected, the first siege ended after one month. Between May and November 2004, the US military bombed and shelled the city, often targeting wedding parties, funerals, civilian homes and mosques. During this time, collective punishment often was employed, cutting water, electricity and medical supplies to the city.”

Bless our troops? Only a madman would make such a statement. And if I had a dog, I would not take it to any vet that had a “Bless Our Troops” sign.

10:54 am on June 24, 2014