Blasphemers in the Temple of the State

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Juan Williams, like Rick Sanchez, is ideologically despicable. But this trend of firing people for their politically incorrect remarks is highly unfortunate. Free speech? Already, in the USSA, it can be illegal if a businessman tells the wrong joke on his own property. For his historical and political views, Tom Woods has been savaged. Thad Russell was fired. Helen Thomas and Octavia Nasr too. And that is only the beginning. Joe Sobran was virtually murdered. Liberals, progressives, conservatives, neocons, “libertarians”: all are enthusiastic participants in the regime inquisition, as I well know. Whatever happened to refuting people you disagree with? Instead, it is: “OMG, he said X. Kill him.” There are pressure groups that would cage Americans for offensive comments, as happens already in many European countries. Is that next on the totalitarian hit parade?

UPDATE from Skip Oliva:

I’ve complained for years — upon many deaf libertarian ears, sadly — about the trend in professional sports leagues to fine players and other employees for any innocuous comment deemed offensive to management. Even the nominal “owners” of a league are penalized if they publicly speak without the permission of the hired “commissioners” (and what businesses outside sports use a government title for their CEO?)

The NFL and NBA are by far the worst offenders. The NFL even has a “social media policy” that prohibits players from using Twitter before, during, and after games. Because the last thing you want is your employees communicating with the public without the stamp of approval from the league offices on Park Avenue.

9:48 am on October 21, 2010