Blanket of Western Lies and Disinformation About Libya

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Knowing that Gaddafi was popular, that there was no spontaneous uprising of a discontented people against him, and that he engaged in no massacres, and knowing that the NATO-UN bombing campaign is destroying the country and killing civilians, and knowing the role of oil in this, and knowing the Western hostility to Gaddafi, and knowing that the Libyan tribes have never endorsed a new government, and knowing that France immediately recognized a puppet government that had no legitimacy in Libya, and knowing that the NATO campaign is hitting more and more innocents and buildings such as hospitals and is causing mass refugee problems while cutting off food and fuel, and knowing that NATO has expanded the war to the southern part of Libya where protection of civilians has not been an issue, we can believe absolutely nothing of the continuous propaganda, lies, and disinformation about Libya and Gaddafi emanating from the Western government sources and repeated uncritically in the media.

11:50 am on May 13, 2011