Blame Those Corporate Jets!

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It only took a moment to get the VCR to work (old tech, yes, but the B&W movie is much older). That was enough to hear the Cheap Channels (ABC, CBS, NBC) blame corporate jets, oil speculators, gold speculators, food speculators, and copper speculators for soaring prices (“inflation” is of course the forbidden word). And don’t you know,  it’s all that “uncertainty” on Capitol Hill that has caused the disastrous economy.

Thomas Sowell recently wrote that Obama’s blather about balance (all in the abstract, of course) sounds best to the uninformed (stronger vocabulary might suggest itself). The more one knows the score, the more his luster pales. One is even tempted to admire, however briefly, the Republicans. At least it helps to explain the widespread affection for Sarah Palin, who has built her following by attacking the Cheap Channels and their allies in the print world (all of whom have returned the favor, helping her even more). But none of them will stop the spending.

The Hot Tub Republicans downtown are deathly afraid, not of the Democrats, but of the Tea Party, without which they’d have gone the way of the Whigs by now. The current fiasco makes Ron Paul’s honesty, consistency, and fortitude shine. I think Mr. Paul will do better than anyone expects: his major obstacle will be eye-rolling John McCain’s  high-rolling insider Hot Tub pals.

Memo to the Fed Up Majority: The only way to drain the Hot Tub is from the outside. Pass it on, and go Ron!

5:48 pm on July 29, 2011