Blago Conveniently Silenced for 12 Years

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I’ve long been skeptical of the seriousness of Rod Blagojevich’s “crimes.” Anyone who thinks that all governors don’t require “pay to play” for appointments to the U.S. Senate simply don’t live in the real world. But in Blago’s case, why was he being targeted by the feds for doing what everyone knows happens regularly? Whom did he p*ss off? Maybe Rahm Emanuel. At any rate, these question have of course never been answered.

So, while he’s undoubtedly your typical scumbag politico, I find Blago to be an interesting politician, and thought that some of my political science students might benefit from hearing about politics from someone who might actually describe politics as it really works. If you’ve ever heard a guest “lecture” from a non-incarcerated politician, you know that they are composed of a bunch of useless war stories and exhortation to “be sure and vote, kids” nonsense.

Since one of the colleges I teach at is about 15 minutes from the federal prison in which Rod Blagojevich is currently locked up, I had the idea of having him talk to my students to give his views on politics, etc. I’m thinking: a group interview that might actually be interesting.

So, I called up the federal prison the other day and asked if it would be possible for students to speak with him for research purposes.

“NOT GONNA HAPPEN.” They told me.

Apparently, he must be kept incommunicado until his enemies are safely out of office.

8:47 pm on May 9, 2012