Bipartisan Peas In The Neocon Pod

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Lindsey Graham joins Joe Lieberman today to promote war, the warfare state, and arms manufacturers, nominally in support of the Republic of Georgia.

It’s all disinformation, but this is for the Booboisie. Note the deliberately evasive passive voice here for the clincher:

“Specifically, the Georgian military should be given the antiaircraft and antiarmor systems necessary to deter any renewed Russian aggression. These defensive capabilities will help to prevent this conflict from erupting again, and make clear we will not allow the Russians to forcibly redraw the boundaries of sovereign nations.”

Now, do you think these billions in “defense capabilities” should be donated by their manufacturers? Are Joe and Lindsey advocating private charity?

Oh, no. They want you and me to “donate” those billions. Then their Megastate lobbyist and arms-industry pals will take 30-50% right off the top — billions — while donating a few paltry millions to — who else? Joe and Lindsey, of course.

One former colleague of mine went into “consulting.” A few years later, he literally danced down the halls of his office building. A tiny country — his client — had been provided by the Pentagon with “defense capabilities” that he had lobbied for. That one sale set him for life.

Your money for his high life. See how easy it is? And here you thought you were getting cynical!

Are you tired of the bipartisan lies? Bob Conley, an anti-war, pro-life, true-blue conservative, has WON the Democratic nomination to run against warmonger Lindsey Graham for the Senate in South Carolina. Check him out and spread the word.

This guy is the real choice, not an echo.

12:23 pm on August 26, 2008