Billy Graham Blesses McCain

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Speaking of dragging down the Lord’s name, I see that Billy Graham and his son have met with McCain to give him their blessing as a man of great “personal faith” and “moral clarity.” As far as I know, the sycophantic Graham has never passed up an opportunity to give his seal of approval, and the appearance of moral legitimacy, to whomever is, or is about to be, in power (or, for that matter, to any other celebrities who might come around).

What kind of genuine Christian leader would smile upon someone like McCain instead of urging him to repent and turn from his evil ways? Not Graham — after all, he urged Nixon to kill even more innocent people in Vietnam through bombing than Nixon found conscionable (up to one million more). As a would-be war criminal himself, then, it’s no wonder he likes McCain.

2:13 am on June 30, 2008