Bill O’Reilly, Chickenhawk ‘Terminator’

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Last night Bill O’Reilly was badgering John Stossel about his support for Ron Paul. When the subject of Iran came up, as it always does on Faux News, O”Reilly bloviated: “Yeah, I’d take out their army and navy. No problem.”

Is O’Reilly the real “Terminator”? Arnold Schwarzenegger, call your office! Of course, Blabbering Bill is also a chickenhawk. Should we call him The Chickenator?

I’m always disgusted when chickenhawks like O’Reilly, Gingrich, etc. advocate sending other peoples’ children to war while proclaiming that “I” or “we” are going to blow up this, destroy that, and kill “them.”

11:18 am on January 18, 2012