Bill Marina, RIP

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Revisionist historian William Marina died this morning of a heart attack, Gary North phones to say. Bill, who received his PhD from the University of Denver, was professor emeritus of history at Florda Atlantic University. Many years ago, I was his (and Nathaniel Weyl’s) editor for their  book American Statesmen on Slavery and the Negro (New Rochelle, NY: Arlington House, 1971). I well remember when Bill Buckley personally vetoed our ads for it at National Review, since the book told the unpatriotic truth about what Lincoln and other state icons believed. Bill Marina was an adjunct scholar for the Mises Institute, and a teller of truth on the American Revolution, the warfare state, US foreign policy, and much else. He was also–about the highest accolade I can mention–a friend and admirer’s of Murray Rothbard’s.

10:43 am on July 7, 2009