Bill Maher the Statist

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Someone needs to tell Bill Maher that a libertarian is more than someone who wants drug laws and drunk driving laws liberalized. Here’s a guy who defends ratcheting up the regulatory state to protect the environment, who backed the war on terror rigorously, who defends the Vietnam War and loves Lincoln, who adamantly supports gun control, who voted for Ralph Nader in 2000 and for Bob Dole in 1996, since the latter was the last chance to vote for someone from the “Greatest Generation.”

Unfortunately, there is this bizarre misconception that anyone who dislikes organized religion and wants lowered taxes is a libertarian.

Ironically, Maher was canned for saying something percieved as being insufficiently patriotic after 9/11, but what he said was actually essentially pro-war. He was criticizing America for being unmanly in waging war, unwilling to face the enemy head on and take some losses. This was not leftist America-bashing. It was more like when Max Boot complained there weren’t enough casualties in Afghanistan.

10:57 am on April 1, 2007