Big Pharma Tends to Oversell, and Other Shocking Facts

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No doubt, some of the readers of LRC and the Blog have noticed this article posted by Mike “the Health Ranger” Adams over at Natural News. In it, Rogers reports that Diane Harper, one of the researchers for for both Gardasil and Cevarix cervical cancer vaccines has admitted, among other things, that the vaccine doesn’t prevent cervical cancer, that the cervical cancer vaccine was “over-marketed,” and that parents should be warned about the possible risk of severe side effects. Frankly, none of that is really that earth-shattering to me, nor should it be to anyone who frequents this site. My only purpose for this blog post is to link to a cached copy of the original story, since it has already been deleted from the Daily Express website. I have no idea if pressure was put on them or not, but I do know that when I tried to post a link to the cached story on Facebook, I got the “other users have complained about this content” warning. As such, I know that I must post the link here and let the reader decide for himself.

4:58 pm on October 9, 2009