Big Pharma From the Womb

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Big Pharma and its adherents in the medical establishment think technology can allow them to program children – via the use of pharmaceuticals – while still in the womb.

Scientists believe improving womb conditions that are less than optimal could help set certain bodily functions to work more efficiently or appropriately after the baby’s birth.

Scientists aren’t so interested in changing the diets of pregnant women (it barely gets a mention) as they are in treating the potential symptoms of an unborn child with Big Pharma’s answer to all the world’s problems – pills. If you read the story carefully, as well as related stories ’round the Internet, you’ll note that this fetal programming is all a part of the government’s war on obesity. Here’s a paragraph from the article:

“You can say it’s extreme to start medications in pregnancy, but what gives you the most bang for your buck—educating kids later or changing something in the womb for a short period of time that will have an effect for years and years?” Dr. Iriye says.

So let’s not wait to educate kids – let’s go against nature and take the unknown route that is convenient for everyone and profitable for the pharmaceutical corporatocracy, and drug the kids before they are born.

5:00 pm on July 18, 2011