Big Bariatric

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Like Big Cancer, Big Bariatric is going to be the next big profit center for the medical-pharmaceutical establishment. The medical fraudsters have been pushing the pseudo-science of bypass gastric surgery upon ignorant Americans who are desperate to lose weight as a one-stop solution – covered by medical insurance – as opposed to any real decisions to move voluntarily forward with lifestyle changes. I see huge, ugly billboards all over the Detroit freeways, advertising for brand new, hospital-based bariatric centers all over the metro area. These eyesores are graced with gigantic block letters that scream at you, unlike the creative and artistic billboards that advertise for market products and services. The last Bariatric blemish I saw was placed in between a McDonald’s billboard advertising $1 sodas and a billboard advertising a new mega-millions heart center.

One billboard in Indiana advances the sure fact that obesity is “a disease, not a decision.” Hmmm, I wonder where this “disease” was 100, 60, or even 30 years ago? And no, profits haven’t corrupted healthcare in America – the corrupt alliance between Big Government and the self-serving, omnipotent medical establishment has corrupted health care. Like Big Cancer, Big Bariatric will capitalize enormously on ignorance, lies, myths, fraud, and professional negligence.  Follow me on Twitter @karendecoster.

6:48 pm on January 10, 2013