Big Agra Throws Out Big Bucks to Defend Consumer Trickery

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Libertarians are right to be perturbed with California’s Proposition 37, which mandates transparency for the labeling of (most, but not all) GMO foods. But why aren’t libertarians also equally incensed about the fact that non-GMO foods are subject to mandatory labeling laws, while GMOs get a pass? Are libertarians even questioning why the food companies do not want to voluntarily label their foods, and thus inform the consuming public? Here’s a recent blog of mine on the topic.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that the Big Agra tally is up to $40M now, and that is the amount of money that elite food corporatocracy (government-corporate alliance) has thrown at defeating Proposition 37. Remember, the agents of Big Food are now labeling GMO-riddled foods as “natural.” Most people think natural means “free of any and all substances that could be potentially harmful to my health.” “Natural,” however, is perhaps the most abused word in use today, at least in terms of health and marketing.

If you don’t understand the GMO issue and wish to self-educate, start with Jeffrey Smith’s Seeds of Deception, and then read Smith’s Genetic Roulette. Also view Smith’s many lectures online about GMOs. The Weston A. Price Foundation also has much great information about GMOs, as does Dr. Mercola.

6:12 am on November 2, 2012