Big Ag vs. Free-Market Food

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Nick Bradley writes: “Great point on how we would have a more local, organic food market in a free economy.

“The government pushes corn syrup like its going out of style, greatly contributing to obesity. At the same time, the government is agitating to regulate the same obesity “epidemic” that they helped create. Americans spend about $700 billion a year on food, but the USDA spends about $95 billion a year; talk about a distortion.

“Another factor to consider is the price of water. In some parts of the country, farmers pay 1/10th the price for water that consumers do. That’s a massive subsidy to water-intensive crops on large tracts of land, like rice and corn.”

In California I believe there’s even more of a water subsidy for the central valley farmers. Well-to-do folks in Southern California are blamed for wasting all the H20, but something like 89% of the water used in the state is used in agriculture, where totally uneconomical practices prevail because they’re propped up by the government with water from the Colorado River. We need more ag revisionism.

8:05 pm on May 20, 2007