Beware the Poop Nazis

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News from an overbearing condominium complex in Baltimore:

Under the proposal, every dog at Scarlett Place and guest dogs would be swabbed for a DNA sample — owners would then have to pay $50 each to cover the test and supplies. Dog owners would also pay an extra $10 per month per dog to cover the cost of having the building’s staff scoop poop and send it to a lab. Feces, like saliva, contains tell-tale DNA.

If the lab identifies your dog as the pooper, that’s a $500 fine.

The DNA poop test would be for the purpose of pinpointing “the source of wayward excrement” on the condominium property. Don’t just blame the state — look to the pedestrian tyrants around you who desire to turn your world into an Orwellian nightmare to serve their need for bureaucratic power and control. People have nothing better to do. Thanks to reader Steve Haag for putting out the sniffers on this one.

7:45 pm on May 17, 2010