Between Iraq and A Hard Place

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Our consumer-friendly news outlets are informing us that the United States may be turning to – are you ready for this? – Iran for help in cleaning up America’s mess in Iraq! They haven’t told us, yet, whether this help will come before or after the psychopath John McCain gets his wish to nuke Iran! Nor have I heard any more chirping from Democrats – such as Jimmy Carter – about how criticism of Obama’s policies are just a cover for racism. I have also not heard – and don’t expect to from members of the toady media – how this Middle East atrocity is a bipartisan undertaking; the playing out of the Establishment’s agenda via its Bushobama operatives. Perhaps Dave Brat’s upset victory over Genghis Khan wannabe, Eric Cantor, was a tipoff that ordinary Americans are beginning to tire of the DC [Deranged Craziness] mindset that has destroyed a once free and productive country.

10:45 am on June 16, 2014