Better Food in Brazil

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Bob Hand (ex-Lebanon, Pa.) in Nova Petropolis in Brasil shows us how low we Americans have sunk with our food and government instruction about food and whatever sundry other causes have brought us to the condition where entire aisles of supermarkets are vast wastelands of real food. And he shows us that America isn’t numero uno in all things and how insular Americans are to think so and to listen to the rhetoric of politicians.

1. In Brasil [sic], he buys genuine smoked bacon for $3.50 a pound, i.e., smoked in a smokehouse for days, not having the bacon passed through a smoky room on its way to the package. No water is added, unlike the 10% or more in America.

2. Sugar is cane sugar, not corn syrup.

3. Cans of solid tuna actually have solid tuna in them.

4. And butter: “The butter here is the richest I’ve ever had. I used to buy Land O’Lakes in Colorado and there was plenty of water in that. This butter is delightful to use…on bread or in cooking. It’s about $4 a pound.”

5:50 pm on September 29, 2012