Bethlehem: Forgotten in the War on Christmas

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In an article from the New York Sun, we find Catholic Senators Kennedy and Santorum fighting it out on the true meaning of Christmas. The war continues. Kennedy in typical liberal fashion is arguing that inciting envy through the federal minimum wage goes to the heart of the season. Santorum is rightly denouncing anti-Christian sentiment around the world, particularly in Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Indonesia. Of course noticeably absent is any outrage from Santorum over the real siege of Bethlehem, the ironic origin of Christmas, by the Israeli government’s prison wall. Leave it to a US Senator to denounce something he has little control over, like the sovereign affairs of another country and ignore something he actually has real power to affect. Namely, it is Congress which gives Israel tremendous ability to finance such tyrannical measures like this prison wall over Palestine.

Bethlehem is a town in desperation, in large part because of the US Congress and the cowardly likes of Rick Santorum. The prison wall, built by the militant secular socialists of Israel and Congress, is squeezing Christian Palestinians into diaspora, particularly in Bethlehem. To be fair, Palestinian Muslim radicals bear much of this responsibility as well. Currently the town is seeking heroically minded entrepreneurs, investors, and world leaders to become “citizens” in its new open initiative to save the town, of which Pope Benedict XVI is the first. Will the likes of Santorum follow his Pope, as a true Militant of the Church, in such an endeavor? I guess it would be foolish to count on a Pontius Pilate like Santorum to ignore lobby preasure to take a rightful stand on this siege in the war on Christmas.

4:43 pm on December 15, 2005