Beta Feedback So Far

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Thanks to all the readers who have sent in suggestions and bug finds on the new site. I have over 50 emails and counting in 12 hours – too many to name! Please focus on bugs, and using the site by reading articles on it. This helps tune page load performance, so the site is fasst. Here is a summary of the top “finds” so far:

WordPress Search is NOT good, go back to Google (and eventually something better)
The Social Media sharing on the blog is slow and should not be duplicated per entry
Fix Podcasts – the player isn’t displaying right
On iPhones the donate screen has an issue
On iPhones in the portrait orientation, the CAPTCHA on the contact screen doesn’t fully fit
Need to be able to resize on iPad

Get rid of the Menu (or puit it at the bottom) for Fast browsing on mobile
Change body text to a sans serif font (as it is on LRC now)
The headlines & date are a bit large to fit all articles on the page
Redo the Amazon Ad and make it pop up a new page

There were lots of great feature requests including comments, offline capability, lots of thoughts about advanced search features and sorting, and the best of the day from Ovi T: “The 404-not-found page should be a HILARIOUS picture of something else that’s never found, like “A Politician’s brain”! :-)” I feel a contest in the offing….

9:03 am on March 28, 2013