Anti-Ron Paul Heritage

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All the think-tanks and publications funded by wealthy members of the Establishment oppose Ron’s Austro-libertarian-populist message and style. That’s a matter of duh-analysis, of course, so one can hardly be shocked that the Heritage Foundation has come out in opposition to Ron’s bill—now an amendment with Alan Grayson—to audit the Fed. But here is a typical Beltway problem: virtually all of Heritage’s grassroots donors back Ron, and have been writing in about it. So rather than simply oppose Paul-Grayson, the org issues a last-minute scheme that only the Fed, Wall Street, and the banksters could love. What, us oppose transparency? Certainly not. Here is our sabotage-Ron Paul plan to cover defecting Republicans and ourselves. It’s also helpful for Establishment Dems: Why, even the Heritage Foundation… (Thanks to Norm)

9:18 am on November 23, 2009