Being open minded about “insensitive” remarks

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Hi Mr. DiLorenzo!

I think it is healthy to become “offended” and to hear some “insensitive” remarks by anyone, if one is open-minded enough to learn from it. It has the potential to stimulate some thought process pertaining to the topic that was discussed. I welcome it, and I actually learn more from it. Furthermore, if one is “offended” by what one hears, then perhaps one can learn the reason(s) tor this happening and change it if one so desires.

Perhaps more women should pay more attention to Dr. Block’s revelation about women doing more of the housework, having children and raising them, and its effects on the gender gap pertaining to wages. If I was a young college student today hearing this, I would think twice and maybe a third time regarding the above-mentioned. Perhaps it may be best for me not to marry, not to have children, and not work for wages. Just maybe. Dr. Block’s revelation would most certainly get me to think about my priorities, and I would thank Dr. Block for his lecture on the economics of the gender gap. This may be an eye-opener for me if I was a young college student. Thank you to Dr. Block for revealing this information. Now I can think about it.

Isn’t this what Dr. Block was doing when he spoke about his chosen topic? Wasn’t he attempting to get his students to “think” logically about his chosen topic? If a professor or anyone for that matter has to be concerned or worried about “offending” anyone about a “sensitive” issue, then doesn’t that “shut down” communication for the most part? What have we come to? This is insane!

Additionally, I have been married for 40 (got married at 18 and received a Master’s Degree as a non-traditional student) years and housework and having children most certainly did not stop me from making plenty of money and obviously Governor Sarah Palin’s work has not interfered with her work as governor.

I no longer “work” in the profession that I was educated in but I do make plenty of money, and I don’t work for wages.

Perhaps “working for wages” should have been the actual topic. Who wants to work for wages?

Nothing wrong with what Dr. Block spoke about, and people ought to be grateful for his revelations.

Thank you!

12:27 am on January 19, 2009