Behave, All You Bad Little Serfs

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The TSA’s “Pre-Check program … give[s] approved ‘trusted travelers’ access to an expedited line at [airports] … These travelers can skip some of the usual tasks that slow screenings — removing shoes, belts and jackets, and separating laptops and plastic bags filled with lip balm and liquids.” Earning this dispensation from Our Masters requires the peon to “first qualify as frequent fliers, and they have to pay a fee and undergo background checks,” as I explain here.

Why does the TSA allow some people sometimes to evade its perverts’ groping? “TSA can remove Pre-Check status at any time … If a passenger misbehaves or harasses agents, TSA also can add the person to a watch list, which requires more thorough security screening.”

Better smile and thank the nice thug in the blue shirt, or Big Brother will send you back to the long line for some punitive Sexual Assault.

5:50 am on August 26, 2012