Bearding the Amish in Their Dens

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It takes an especially vicious bully to beat up on the Amish, hard-working pacifists who have proved over the centuries that they will not fight back no matter how violent or senseless their persecutors.

How tragic but characteristic, then, that Our Rulers have sentenced Samuel Mullet, Sr, a 67-year-old Amish man, to 15 years in prison (draconian as that is, the prosecutor had demanded life). They will incarcerate some of his friends and family, too, most of them younger with children, though for lesser sentences.

What heinous crime did these farmers, woodworkers, mothers and fathers commit? They cut beards and hair. Yes. Off other Amish.

No, the barbers had no licenses. But that doesn’t seem to be the problem here. Mr. Mullet and his followers contended that their victims had violated Amish strictures, so the tonsure was by way of punishment on unwilling culprits. The Feds inflate that to a “hate crime.”

Like me you’re probably questioning just how much force Mr. Mullet, committed to beliefs that eschew physical compulsion, brought against friends and neighbors who disagreed with him. Folks, by the way, who can renounce their religion or move to another Amish community if they dislike their current one. And whose beards and hair grew back, as Mr. Mullet’s grandson observed.

That’s why you, I, and Mr. Sensible Grandson do not sponge off the taxpayers as prosecutors or judges. These smug and arrogant thugs are jailing 16 people for years, depriving children of their parents and devastating a community, while eviscerating the First Amendment. All in a day’s “work” for Leviathan.

Said tyrants can congratulate themselves, too, as their efforts add America to the list of nations that have tormented the Amish throughout history. I laughed as a child when I read of the ridiculously harmless points of Amish doctrine European dictators cited as an excuse to prey on these innocents. Thanks to Judge Dan Aaron Polster and federal prosecutor Bridget Brennan in Cleveland, Ohio for adding us to this shameful list.

Even the Roman Empire, with its crucifixions, gladiatorial “games,” and enmity to freedom, tried to avoid interfering in religious controversies. Pontius Pilate hoped to return Jesus Christ to the high priests and Sanhedrin when he realized their charges against an innocent Man arose from just such a squabble.

Ditto for Governor Felix and “King” Agrippa a few decades later, when Paul stood before them with the Sanhedrin once again clamoring for blood. Nero was emperor then, yet even his horrific regime hesitated to interfere in religious disputes.

Just how much more tyrannical can America grow?

9:36 am on February 9, 2013